As your logistics consultant, systems designer, and partner, we promise to provide analysis, concepts, and solutions that are unbiased and specifically tailored to your requirements and best interests. Whether you are a small regional company or a multi-national corporation, the experts at BLPL can identify unique opportunities to improve your logistics network, increase efficiency, and decrease costs. We are here for you to open offices anywhere in India/ appoint the staff/manage the office/ come to break-even cost in short period.

    We do this :
  • Ensuring that Supply Chain & Logistics strategies are aligned with business goals
  • Improving sales with higher profit availability to the customer
  • Reducing working capital
  • Reducing the cost of team management
  • Reducing the costs of doing business (CODB)
  • Elimination of waste
  • Developing and executing sound improvement plans

We appreciate that every one of our customer's businesses is different, with different challenges and different objectives. That is why each of our projects is carefully planned in conjunction with our customer's management. We are confident that our consultant's knowledge and experience of consulting in a very broad range of Supply Chain and Logistics areas will ensure a sound result.